Monday, September 08, 2008

Latest Palin Attack *rolls dice* She's a Religious Nut!

I stopped reading the news for a few hours and checked back in before calling it a night to see if the media had a new angle on why Sarah Palin was completely unfit to hold an executive position in the U.S. government. I was not disappointed.

CNN front page headline story is Pastor: GOP may be downplaying Palin's religious beliefs. The article has sort of a meandering style to it but the crux of the article is here:
Six years ago, Palin left Assembly of God to join the non-denominational Wasilla Bible Church.
and here:
But how might her religious beliefs impact policy in Washington if the Republican ticket is successful?

Palin's former pastor says he has no doubt her religious beliefs will influence her decision making when it comes to government policy.
Where to begin? So her former pastor, who may just be annoyed with her for leaving his church, has no doubts. I guess that pretty much seals it then. I mean clearly he is able to get inside another person's head and predict their future behavior with 100% accuracy. Never mind the fact that so far in her career she seems to have left her religion out of her policy making. Reporting on that aspect would of course be too objective. Instead we need to find someone with a negative opinion and report it as fact.

Of course, if this is part of the grand plot to destroy Palin, do you really want to go there? Palin quit this church six years ago, when there was no negative public press to push her to do so. Obama only quit his church when Wright's comments grew so offensive that staying would have been political suicide. Is this really an issue you want to bring up again?

It also isn't particularly politically savvy for another reason. People keep pointing and screaming "She's religious!" as if this is some sort of social stain that will destroy her popularity. There's only one problem with that. A majority of the people in this country are religious. I mean, I am not religious but I don't recoil from anyone who doesn't share my worldview. I have friends that go to church and raise their families with a devotion to God. Shocking I know.

This story made the major headlines late. We'll see what the overall reaction to the angle is in the morning. But once again the discussion (if you can call it that) avoids issues like national security and the economy and instead focuses on "he said she said" politics. I, for one, grow weary of it.

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