Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Both Sides Seem Impressed with Palin's Speech

Before Palin's speech I offered the bold prediction that the right would love it and the left/media would hate it. I have to admit I was half-wrong.

True enough, people on the right seem very excited about Sarah Palin's performance. Kim Priestap at Wizbangblog is beside herself with emotion:
I LOVE SARAH PALIN!!!! Her speech left me breathless! I can't believe how well she did with all the pressure and the scrutiny. She delivered in spades. And to those in the mainstream media who were trying to force her off the ticket: NOT A CHANCE! You're all chumps! She and McCain played you!! Ha ha ha! I'm so jazzed right now.
This reaction seems over the top, but as I said, expected. To see if I was right on the other half of my prediction I went over to MSNBC and found this lead story about the speech. They seemed notably positive. For example:
On the night Republicans nominate John McCain for the presidency, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin accepts the VP nod and launches a withering attack on her critics and Barack Obama.
and here:
But in a speech that connected strongly with delegates who interrupted her numerous times with standing ovations, she dismissed critics of her background as snobs who looked down on ordinary Americans and their concerns.
They covered the Democratic response, as they should, but didn't do it with a obvious bias. (And, as a side note, the response from the Obama camp seems to be that she used a Bush speechwriter? I would hope they come up with a more substantive response than that.)

All in all, people seem impressed with the performance. It will be interesting to see if the reaction holds 24 hours from now, after McCain's speech.


Lynn said...

Sarah has a great future with Fox News. She speaks well, she's glib and full of snotty zingers and she sees the world in black and white. As a woman I was so disappointed. I wanted to see someone that was bigger and better than the crackpots. I know that part of her job was to pander to the "working stiffs", but why, in a country where so many parents dream of sending their kids to college, does she promote a dislike people who sound like they went to college?

Sarah said...

Because she sounds like a every politician. Why do you have to say 'as a woman' how about 'as a candidate'. You immediately offered a gender bias so blatantly apparent in this campaign.

I'm disappointed in people as a person, but as a woman I'm able to carry kids and feed them. That's the major difference. I am hoping this bias will disappear.