Friday, September 05, 2008

Gallup Polling Data on Palin's Speech

Gallup just released the daily tracking poll. The data shows a 4-point lead for Obama, 48% to 44%. It is important to note that the Gallup poll represents data taken over a 3-day period. The time period for this poll includes one full day after Sarah Palin's speech and (virtually) no data after McCain's speech.

Gallup notes:
While both conventions are now over, measurement of public reaction to them is not. Results, based on interviewing conducted Sept. 2-4, include just one day of interviewing conducted after Wednesday night's widely viewed acceptance speech by McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Most interviewing Thursday night was conducted before McCain's acceptance speech, so Gallup Poll Daily tracking results will start to reflect its impact in Saturday's report. The full impact of the GOP convention on voter preferences will not be known until Monday's report, the first in which all interviews will have been conducted following the convention's conclusion.
With the inclusion of one day of data after Palin's speech, Obama's post-convention lead dropped from 7% to 4%. Statistically, that's just inside noise. Realistically, it should give Obama's camp cause for concern.

Baseline poll information before the speech was delivered is archived here.

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