Friday, September 05, 2008

Police Coverup of Dog Killings

In July, sheriff officers raided the home of the mayor of Berwyn Heights, Cheye Calvo, looking for drugs. The police were investigating a large shipment of marijuana that they tracked to the mayor's residence. They chose to use a full-out swat team raid, busted down the door, and in the ensuing chaos shot and killed the mayor's two black labs. Indications were that the drugs were sent to the mayor by mistake and he was not involved in drug trafficking.

The Prince George's County Sherrif's Office has conducted an investigation and determined that the killing of the dogs was justified. The claim is:
The sheriff said that one dog was engaging an officer and that the other was running toward a second officer at the time the black Labs were shot...
However the mayor says the claim is a fabrication, and has medical evidence to back it up:
The necropsy concluded one dog was shot four times and the other twice, including once in the dog's back legs.

Calvo said the necropsy has bolstered his contention that neither dog was threatening law enforcement officers during the raid and that one dog was shot from behind as he fled into a back room.
Disgusting. Invade someone's home. Shoot dogs fleeing in terror. Cover it up in the ensuing investigation. I can only hope that the investigation doesn't stop here. If a mayor is powerless to prevent such police overreactions such as this, what hope does a common citizen have?

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