Saturday, September 06, 2008

Latest Zogby Poll Shows Slight McCain Lead

As the election draws closer I'm going to be spending more time digging into poll numbers. Zogby has released a new presidential tracking pall and as usual I am not sure exactly how to interpret it. I've said it enough, but Zogby is often a random number generator. They're internals are available but only for a cost and I'm not willing to pay for a poll I already consider questionable. That said, here are the numbers:

Others/Not sure4.4%

The data shows a 3.8% lead for McCain with a margin of error of 2.1%. So a slight lead, statistically. Zogby also provided data for survey questions where the vice presidential candidates were not mentioned. The numbers for this case:

Others/Not sure4.4%

So the race tightens if Palin and Biden aren't in the picture. Note that Obama's numbers are unaffected without Biden; McCain looses about 1 point without Palin.

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