Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin and the Union Vote

One of the interesting side-stories with Sarah Palin is that her husband is not a registered Republican and that he is a union member. Two characteristics that I'm sure will not be popular with conservatives.

However, as with the last few presidential elections, this one is likely to be decided in states like Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Obama is currently doing well in the later two, not so well in Ohio. In his contest with Hilary Clinton, his major weakness in states such as this was seen in the blue-collar union vote. How will Palin influence this vote?

I came across this posted email to Hugh Hewitt:
I work in a small manufacturing facility in the greater Syracuse NY area. It is pretty darn "blue" around here, but kind of a "centrist dem, labor-oriented, working class value blue-collar blue". Not the "fever swamp truther, BushCo kind of blue". Anyway, to the point. No one EVER talks politics here, but the place is BUZZING with Palin fever. Everyone's talking about her, and the most often used phrase I hear is "finally, one of us!"

The left is in serious, serious trouble. I myself wasn't enthused about McCain, though my respect for the man's sacrifice alone gets my vote. But now I will writing my first EVER check to any candidate. And I will gladly support the McCain/Palin ticket because she inspires me.
The problem here is that Hugh Hewitt is about as far right as you can get. While he claims he has a "virtual in-box" full of similar emails, how many is that, really?

I would be very interested in any polling done to test this. I am as harsh a critic as anyone when it comes to the accuracy of polls. But this is an interesting and potentially pivotal issue and I would welcome any data beyond the anecdotal.

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