Friday, September 05, 2008

Lame Google Searching

I love how Google works sometime. A while back I quoted an Ann Althouse post about media bias. The title of the post was "Media Bias Shameless and Lame" and it was based of the quote from Ann, which I will re-quote here:
How many media folks are dying to piss off McCain and get him to blow up and confirm the idea that he's a big hothead? Obviously, he knows that and he's not taking the bait. Yet you still publish an article called "McCain's Prickly TIME Interview," trying to portray it as the blowup you were not able to procure. Lame. Shameless bias.
Additionally, much later, I also posted about the set changes for McCain's acceptance speech last night. The title of that post was "Set Changes for McCain's Speech Tonight."

Well, late last night, somebody did a google search. The search terms were:
tonights mccain's lame acceptance speech
Google merged the text of the two posts, above, together and decided I was the best match for a lame McCain speech. While the search no longer returns my blog, last night I was the number one choice for these search words.

Isn't it funny what people will search for? This individual was actively looking for a feel-good echo chamber. They thought that the speech as "lame" and wanted to find others that felt the same way. Note that it wasn't "ineffective" or "poorly delivered" or something a unbiased author might use to describe a bad political speech. They wanted "lame"--a choice clearly only a person firmly biased against McCain would choose.

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