Thursday, September 04, 2008

Timing of Obama's Appearance O'Reilly is Rude

A week or so ago, I criticized McCain for running an ad during Obama's nomination acceptance speech. I had to recant that criticism when it turned out that ad was a congratulatory message to Obama on being the first black American to achieve a presidential nomination. In that second post, I noted:
It also preempts any sort of shenanigans during the RNC.
It seems I am once again proven wrong. Tonight, during McCain's turn to give his nomination acceptance speech, Barack Obama will appear on The O'Reilly Factor on FoxNews. I think we can assume he won't spend most of his time during the interview praising John McCain.

Now I can't watch Bill O'Reilly. After about 30 seconds it becomes so obvious that all the man is interested is hearing his own voice and driving up ratings. But the timing of this interview is just rude.

Obama's speech in Denver was his turn, his night. It wasn't a night for divisive attacks or counterpoints. And thankfully McCain realized that. Tonight is McCain's night. Even if he ends up losing the election, McCain has worked hard to get where he is and this night should be a recognition of that.

A poor choice of timing on Obama's part and I expected him to be craftier than this. I hope he gets the criticism he deserves.

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