Sunday, September 07, 2008

Video Obama's "My Muslim Faith" Gaffe...Does He Look Tired?

So a couple of hours ago, in a interview with George Stephanopoulos, Sen. Barack Obama accidentally said "my Muslim faith" instead of "my Christian faith". I'm sure the right is going to go nuts with this. The video is already on YouTube and the LittleGreenFootballs thread on it has over 500 comments already.

Personally I don't care what Obama's religion--or lack or religion--is. I don't care about any candidates religion so long as they keep religion out of policy making.

What struck me about the video is how tired Obama looked in it. The normally eloquent Obama just seemed distracted? Uninterested? He makes the gaffe and then doesn't react to it until Stephanopoulos corrects him. Combine that attitude with the fact that the interview was conducted by two men in suits, sitting on metal folding chairs, in the middle of what appears to be a horse barn? The visual is just bizarre:

If I were managing Obama's campaign, I would get Obama out in front of a crowd where he is most comfortable. To heck with the worry that it makes him appear a celebrity. The recent string of personal interviews on O'Reilly and Sunday morning talk shows have been pretty poor performances.

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