Thursday, October 09, 2008

ACORN Fraud in Indiana -- Indianapolis Counties Have 105% of the Population Registered

No this is not a repeat of the previous post. ACORN is now involved in voter registration fraud in Indianapolis:
[Election Director]LaSota said Monday representatives of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, a grassroots activist group conducting registration drives, dropped off 2,000 new voter applications last week in Lake County.

"About 1,100 are no good," she said.

LaSota said the flawed forms are incomplete or contain unreadable handwriting -- similar to hundreds of other forms ACORN produced prior to this week. She said some ACORN vote canvassers apparently pulled names and addresses from telephone books and forged signatures.
As expected, ACORN organizers used the same flimsy excuse.
Charles Jackson, communications director for ACORN, said Monday its administrators screened out the 1,100 registration forms in question and warned county officials the documents were suspect. He said ACORN left the final decision to discard the forms to county officials.

He said ACORN has fired and reported to law enforcement any employees suspected of vote fraud.
What you are seeing here, ladies and gentleman, is a national strategy. Individual ACORN offices have all been tasked to boost registration in urban areas of battleground states by any means necessary. When caught, the scripted response is "we are as outraged as you and we fire immediately anyone caught perpetrating such activities." To quote myself from my last post--bullshit. Note what Jackson says above. They knew they had 1,100 fraudulent registrations but they submitted them anyway. Why? Because they hope that some make it by state officials.

In Indianapolis, it seems that plan is working to perfection. Voter registration counts in Indianapolis and Marion Counties is now 105% of the population of those counties.
According to STATSIndiana, In 2007, Indianapolis/Marion County had an estimated population of 876,804. Of that number 232,607 were below 18 years of age, for a total of 644,197 people in Marion County/Indianapolis 18 or over and thus eligible to vote. (Indiana allows felons to vote as long as they are not incarcerated).

So we have 644,197 people eligible to be registered in Marion County/Indianapolis, and 677,401 people registered. Congratulations go to Indianapolis for having 105% of its residents registered!
Are you mad yet? You should be.

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