Tuesday, October 07, 2008

CNN Reports: Obama Lying About Relationship With Ayers

I can't believe I'm able to link this video. You really need to watch the whole thing (running time is 6 minutes 41 seconds). Anderson Cooper introduces an investigation piece on Obama and Bill Ayers. There are three astounding points made during this video by CNN:
  1. Bill Ayers was a dangerous terrorist and radical. They don't praise him as do the Chicago elite. They lay out what he did, they mention the Weather Underground, they look at 60's terrorism through the lens of a post-9/11 reality, and the tone of the review of Ayers is highly negative.

  2. They quote several responses by Obama and his advisers that downplay the relationship and then hammer them with evidence to the contrary. They don't suggest that Obama is lying about his relationship with Ayers--they prove it. Real, honest-to-goodness investigative reporting.

  3. Near the end of the video, the investigative reporter for CNN mentioned several times that the questions that McCain is raising about Obama because of Ayers are the same questions that Hilary Clinton raised during the primaries. This makes the attack bi-partisan.
Keep these three points in mind as you watch the video:
(Video discovered via Ed Morrissey.)

These three points aren't astounding because they are new revelations. This investigative report by CNN is simply saying what the blogosphere has said in detail for months and months. What is amazing is that it appeared front-and-center on CNN. Yes, the score is still negative Obama coverage--one or two, positive Obama coverage--everything else. But people who still get their news sitting in their living rooms saw this information, presented by the familiar face of Anderson Cooper.

Morrissey concludes:
Expect John McCain to raise this point tonight in the debate.
I think that was a foregone conclusion. But with liberally-biased sources such as CNN backing up McCain it will be interesting to see if Obama is skilled enough to dance and deflect the charges in a different way from "our paths just crossed". That excuse has worn thin, even for the Obama cheerleaders at CNN.

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