Thursday, October 02, 2008

McCain Pulls Out of Michigan--Which Should Suprise No One Yet It Does?

A few weeks ago, before the economic issues came to a head, there was a lot of chatter about McCain taking Michigan from Obama. The thought was a combination of "hockey moms for Palin" and a disgraced Democratic mayor in Detroit might be enough to push Michigan red. Even in the pre-bank collapse utopia for McCain, make no mistake about it--Michigan was a long shot.

In the past two weeks, McCain has taken a significant hit in support. Is he out of the race? No, not yet. But he certainly has a an uphill climb ahead of him. Today his campaign announced it was pulling out of Michigan. People are point at this as a sign of how bad things have gotten.

I don't understand. If Michigan goes to McCain, then McCain is winning in a landslide. It is clear now that if McCain wins, it is going to be a close, close race. Think 271-269. So it is only natural for him to pull out of Michigan. This isn't a sign of anything other than that his staff if running a well-planned campaign.

Now if he pulls out of Colorado--that is a sign he is done. Bring out the fat lady and have her dedicate a song to President Obama. But Michigan? Not so much.

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