Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CNN on Obama and ACORN

I promise to get to topics today that aren't related to ACORN, but it is an important issue and one that fuels my desire to blog and give an alternative view than that of the mainstream media. CNN covers the Obama-ACORN relationship here. (Hat tip: Instapundit.)
The point here is not so much what CNN said in the report. It's just the simple fact that they are covering the story. Why are they covering it? My personal thought is they feel that the election is locked up for Obama and they can afford a few reports like this to make themselves appear more balanced. If people scream about media bias after Obama is elected, they can point to stories like this and say "See? We were critical." A total farce of course considering how long they have done nothing but be an arm of his campaign.

That said, it was on CNN so maybe it influenced a few people.

Update: Another CNN piece on ACORN. This time concerning thousands of fraudulent registrations in Philadelphia.
Note the following exchange:
CHETRY: Yeah, and in its defense, ACORN has said it is actually identifying these problematic registrations in advance and trying to notify authorities. In Philadelphia, ACORN said it flagged, I guess, 5,000 applications before the officials found them. Is that true?

GRIFFIN: Not according to the city officials, not true. They say that ACORN came in with a bundle of 1,100 that they thought were suspect. Actually, it turned out a couple of hundred of them were actually good voter registration cards that they processed and sent voter cards out to. So, there are a lot of disparities between the number that ACORN is getting and what city officials checking the actual records are getting, and that number, Kiran, is only going to grow as they continue to process more of these for this election.
I'm happy to see this story continue to gain momentum. Enough to make a difference in the election? I'm not sure but every little bit helps.

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