Monday, October 27, 2008

Do Not Question Obama-Biden Holds For .. The Media?

This is a story I thought wouldn't really get much press but because the Obama-Biden camp won't let it die, it lives on. Hot Air has been covering the story the most, but it is interesting enough (and humorous) that I'll walk you through it here.

A local news reporter of WFTV in Florida was interviewing Joe Biden. Instead of the typical line of questioning such as "Can you believe it is only a couple of weeks until Obama wins?" and "Isn't that Sarah Palin chick useless?", the reporter decided to ask real questions on topics like the redistribution of wealth and ACORN voter fraud. The result, as described by Hot Air, is comedy gold:

And it should have ended there. It would have just gone down as one more performance by Biden that would have been ignored and forgotten. But it didn't end there. Obama-Biden was so upset that the reporter dared to ask real questions that the news station has been blackballed from further interviews. They called her combative and unprofessional, yet Michele Malkin notes:
She was completely professional and gracious.

But remember: Anything less than total sycophancy from the Obamedia is considered “combative.”
Biden continues to keep this story in the news by mentioning it in stump speeches. Here's one where it is 'ugly' to question Obama's economic leanings.
All this has gotten a few people to sit up and take notice. Bernard Goldberg discusses the media and how it is behaving and being treated by the Obama campaign.

Ed Morrissey comments:
Maybe they saw what happened to Joe the Plumber and have been intimidated into silence. Nah, that can’t be it. After all, they participated in that character assassination. Maybe they just love Obama more than free speech and an independent media.
That last sentence is sadly probably the most accurate.


Sarah said...

The links to the original interview are 'no longer available' both on your site and instapundit...have they been pulled by the Obama campaign?

Christy said...

Dan, have you found any information on the story the L.A. times is refusing to publish to protect Obama's campaign?

Christy said...

here is a link to the wftv interview since the youtube one isn't working any longer