Saturday, October 11, 2008

On the Effects of Troopergate/Tasegate

The big news last night was the release of the Troopergate/Tasergate reports. The basic summary of the finding is the Sarah Palin "abused power" but did nothing illegal. My opinion, this is started as a way to damage McCain-Palin and it ended that way. Remember what the lead investigator French promised:
Coghill wrote in the letter that French was quoted in media reports that the results of the probe were going to be an "October surprise" that is "likely to be damaging to the administration." The comments lead Coghill to believe the investigation is lacking in fairness, neutrality and due process, he wrote.
Gateway Pundit notes:
French is one of the 20%'ers in Alaska who does not approve of Governor Sarah Palin.
He also is a staunch Obama supporter:


Hollis French (fifth from left) and fellow Troopergate hack Kim Elton (on left with beard), who has donated to the Obama Campaign, sit on the panel investigating popular governor Sarah Palin.
But what will the repercussions be? Sadly I think Powerline gets it right:
In the end, it seems to me that Gov. Palin did not exercise particularly good judgment in this matter. But the case that she abused her power by violating the ethics statute and/or that she fired the public safety commissioner because he wouldn't act against Wooten has not been made.

Nonetheless, the weakly reasoned "Troopergate" report may well represent another nail in the McCain-Palin coffin.
Given the fairness of the playing field this election, that analysis is spot on.

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