Wednesday, October 08, 2008

David Kernell Indicted and Arrested for Hacking Palin Email Account

This news should come as no surprise to people who have been following the story. Today, David Kernell has been indicted and arrested for hacking into one of Sarah Palin's personal email accounts.
A University of Tennessee student who is the son of a Memphis legislator has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of hacking Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's personal e-mail.

David C. Kernell, 20, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Knoxville for intentionally accessing without authorization the e-mail account of Palin, the governor of Alaska and Sen. John McCain's running mate, according to U.S. Attorney James R. Dedrick.

Dedrick said Kernell, the son of state Rep. Mike Kernell, D-Memphis, turned himself in to federal authorities today for arrest.
Kernell covered his tracks so poorly the only real question was why the arrest took so long.

As far as the election goes, I think this is a non-issue. While David Kernell is the son of state Representative Mike Kernell, who is Democrat, I doubt the affair will negatively affect Obama. The AP reports the story, and doesn't even mention David's father. (The AP doesn't even mention his name at first; they just report that a "man" was indicted.)
A federal grand jury in Tennessee has indicted a man in connection with the hacking of the e-mail account of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
Just a "man", just "in connection", nothing to see here.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

Update: For those interested in the legal details, Instapundit has a link to a electronic copy of the indictment.

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