Thursday, October 02, 2008

Expected Post Debate Spin for Palin-Biden

It seems apparent that neither candidate blew up during tonight's debate. So without any obvious
"I can't believe I just saw that" moments, what will the post-debate spin be? Here's my guess.

Palin, in general, will be given the nod. Expectation for her were so low that by not breaking down into tears or just mumbling "can you repeat the question?" over and over again, she destroyed expectations. General reactions to Biden was that he did OK, but was boring.

So given that outcome, the results of the debate need to be marginalized by the media. I think the basic argument will be--too little, too late. Intrade currently has Obama at 67%, McCain at 31%. The message will be "the race is over folks" with the subliminal message of "oh yeah, and if you are conservative, give up now and don't even bother campaigning or voting."

That's my prediction.

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