Saturday, October 18, 2008

ACORN Voter Fraud Continues

Voter registration fraud stories continue and I continue to believe that nothing will come of it until after the election. Greg Gordon writes:
The furor over ACORN's national voter registration drive exploded with new controversies Friday, including a call by Barack Obama for an independent prosecutor, a Supreme Court ruling over voter access and the disclosure of a death threat against an ACORN worker.

What remains unclear is whether the campaigns of Obama and John McCain will reach a truce over voter access to the polls by Election Day or whether their legal and rhetorical battles will persist to the finish line — or beyond.
A promising start to the article. But then it turns into media bias as per the usual. Read through the rest of it, if you have the stomach for it, to read about how ACORN is misunderstood and to hear many quotes from ACORN organizers about racists death threats they have received ever since that evil McCain guy lied about ACORN and voter fraud. Please.

In other "good news", the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Jennifer Brunner, saying that is OK for her not to check the validity of 200,000 questionable voter registrations in Ohio. Actually what the court said was that the Republican party didn't have the legal right to sue in this case. Read between the lines carefully. The registrations are still likely fraudulent, but that case was thrown out on a technicality. Yay for justice?

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Christy said...

The ruling by the supreme court is the worst kind of claim the Republican Party doesn't have the right to Anyone should have the right to sue to insure that the law is upheld and the integrity of our election process. The law clearly states that the veracity of voter registrations must be checked. I'm shocked and disgusted by this latest example of the lack of rational and reasonable ability by people to put aside their predjudices based on party affiliation and look at the facts.