Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roundup of Debate Reactions

From reading the (right-leaning) side of the blog-o-sphere, is would seem the third debate could be summed up as follows:
  1. McCain did well, much better than in the first two debates, and "won" it if you think such things are possible.

  2. There are doubts as to whether it is enough to change the outcome of the election.
Neither of these two results is that surprising. If you want to read more about the debate, check the following links.

Check Instapundit here and here.

New member of Wizband Steve Schippert discusses taxes and size of government.

Ann Althouse live-blogged the final debate, and welcomes Obama as our next President.

Hugh Hewitt did his matrix of questions again and had post-debate thoughts which were, as expected, very pro-McCain.

Ed Morrissey weighs in with his analysis.

Gateway Pundit live-blogged the debate as well.

I think the bigger story coming out of the debate is Joe the Plumber. That story has the possibility to resonate with the working class in America. More thoughts on that later...

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