Wednesday, October 08, 2008

SNL Bailout Skit That Was Removed Is Back, But Is Edited To Protect Democrats

You knew this would happen. So NBC pulled a SNL skit about the bailout that wasn't complimentary to Democrats. People cried foul. After some time, NBC released the reason that the skit was pulled. It lampooned two real people (that is, used their real names) and then captioned them with "People who should be shot."

Clearly that is over the line. NBC promised to edit that caption out and return the video to the website. Well the video is back--but other things have been edited out. From the Corner, which quotes an LA Times article on the matter:
So now the sketch is back up, without any mention of the Sandlers. But as the L.A. Times notes, what's really curious is that the re-edited sketch removed any satirical references to Barney Frank's involvement in creating the economic crisis:
In the original skit Sandler addresses Frank, saying, "And thank you Congressman Frank as well as many Republicans for helping block Congressional oversight of our corrupt activities."

To which Frank replies enthusiastically, "Not at all!"
That's all gone. I'd love to hear an explanation for that.
The link to the LA Times article is malformed--I'll update it here if I can track it down.

It is almost as if NBC is daring people to do anything about their bias. The economic disaster has to be painted as a Bush-disaster despite the fact that there is plenty of blame to go around--starting with Frank. But all this has to be whitewashed.

The original video is still available on the web. (YouTube has been wiped clean, but there are other sources.) Watch that one and laugh at NBC's attempt to rewrite history.

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