Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CNN: Blacks are Enthusiastic, Whites are Racists

The following article is not surprising coming from CNN--that doesn't make it any less infuriating. We've been told by months by CNN that the only reason a white person wouldn't support Obama is due to racism. If Obama looses the election, it is because those rednecks are all racists.

So now we learn that African-Americans are enthusiastic for Obama, which could make the difference in the election.
"I know he is going to win," James said after services at Leonard Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis. "See, God answers prayers, and I am a praying man, and I know he is going to win."
I'm glad that has been spelled out for me. If a white person supports a white candidate over a black one, they are racists. If a black person supports a black candidate over a white one, they are enthusiastic.

I feel better having be educated in this regard. Thank you, CNN.

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