Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Battleground Poll Shows Race Tied

Yes, it is probably an outlier. But if you are looking for some good news (and you don't bow down to the altar of Hope and Change), the Battleground poll has the race at a statistical dead heat.

Wizbang reminds people that the intent of biased polls is to get conservatives to give up and stay home:
It's over when everyone has voted, not when everyone has reacted to the day's targeted message.

You listening Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, Colorado and Nevada?

UPDATE: Are you listening, Pennsylvania? I'm talking to you, too. Jack "Marines are Murderers" Murtha has been talking to you, racists and rednecks that you apparently are. So maybe you have been listening if Obama's internal polling shows him up only by 2% while the rest of the media has him preordained. (Thanks to Wizbang readers and commenters.)
Remember, the Battleground poll is run by one Democrat and one Republican, so it tends to be one of the most fair and balanced polls out there.

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Madison McGraw said...

I live in Bucks County Pa and there is nothing but McCain/Palin signs, which is why I'm always shocked to hear that BO is "so far ahead" in the polls. In Montgomery County, I see mostly McCain signs also. Though I have to say, my 9 y/o daughter's teacher had them watch Obama speech and said NOTHING about McCain. I offered to go to the school to educate the kids on the 'other' canidate-still waiting to hear.