Saturday, October 04, 2008

Palin Campaigns in Carson City, CA

Earlier today Johan Goldberg at the Corner noted this reaction to an upcoming Sarah Palin rally at Carson City, California from a local Obama community website:
Sarah Palin is coming to Carson this Saturday. Two days after the Vice Presidential Debate, she wants to show the world that she can come to one of the bluest areas in the bluest state in the Union and have over 10,000 people show up for a rally for her. This is outrageous!!!
I might question Palin's appearance in CA as being a waste of campaign resources--what is she hoping to accomplish there? But outrageous? Google's definition of outrageous is:
  1. a. Grossly offensive to decency or morality. b. Being well beyond the bounds of good taste
  2. Having no regard for morality.
How indecent of Palin to dare to appear in a blue state. How immoral of her. But that aside, the protest was planned. How did the protest go? Like this:
Just got back from the Carson event. There were about 25-30 radical Obama protestors that were basically shut down by everyone else who was shouting back at them, “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.” They were a complete joke, along with their giant posters that showed a woman’s vagina (hand drawn). I guess they thought Palin was going to outlaw them, or something like that.

She was just terrific and pounded the Obama/Biden team hard—boy is she good. There were 15,000 supporters there that just loved her. I can send you photos if you want some to post.
I'm sure the thirty or so protesters will grab most of the coverage from the MSM. But a reader sent Instapundit pictures and as is true so many times, this picture is indeed worth a thousand words. (Click the picture below to see it in full size.)

I'm still seeing the election as an uphill climb for McCain. But if he doesn't unleash Palin as much as possible, he deserves to lose.

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mrjocisoo7 said...

I was at the counter protest...and yes it was a waste of mccains money....they are not going to win the golden state..we are much to smart to fall for this silly stunts like Sarah...and why did you not mention the guy who had the sign that talked about Californias budget surplus being stolen by the Gop deregulators and their cronies? John McCain did not hold one committe meeting on this energy manipulation by Enron/ Duke Energies...Bush-McCain had to many lobbyist friends who were envolved in this expert...what about California? or are you here only to use us a prop and collect money?