Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Debate Tonight: What Obama and McCain Need to Do

I was going to make a long and detailed post on what McCain and Obama need to do tonight during the third and final presidential debate. While doing a little background research, I see that Ed Morrissey has already written my post for me. The short summary is as follows.

McCain needs to:
  • Be aggressive
  • Attack Obama on ideas of government interference in the economy
  • Find a way to talk about gun control and abortion
  • Bring up foreign policy
Obama needs to:
  • Maintain poise
  • Don't stutter
  • Stick to domestic policy
  • Talk in general themes
Gee, I wonder which one will prevail? Is it easier to fight the debate moderate and bring up topics the moderator refuses to bring up or to stand there and act presidential?

In an odd twist, Obama seems to have accidentally released his debate talking points to the press. A real mistake or a planned leak? You decide.

This is a good time to announce that I won't be watching the third debate. I'm going to post, after the fact, just based on reactions I read. The reason for this approach is that my opinion is of little consequence. I've already made up my mind, I'm voting for McCain, and my biased reaction to the debate wouldn't tell you much, if anything. But it is imperative that McCain make some impact tonight and that is what I'll be looking for in post-debate reactions.

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