Thursday, October 16, 2008

FBI Conducts National Investigation Into ACORN Voter Registrations Fraud

It's about time. Yahoo! News reports that the FBI is investigating ACORN in relation to voter registration fraud.
The FBI is investigating whether the community activist group ACORN helped foster voter registration fraud around the nation before the presidential election.

A senior law enforcement official confirmed the investigation to The Associated Press on Thursday. A second senior law enforcement official says the FBI was looking at results of recent raids on ACORN offices in several states for any evidence of a coordinated national scam.
The important thing to note here is that the investigation is 'national'. Conducted by the FBI, it can't be railroaded to the side as would be done by Democratic Secretary of State of Ohio Jennifer Brunner.

I doubt anything will come of this investigation before the election. Would a President Obama act on findings of illegal activities or would he protect ACORN as he is done in the past?

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