Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Media Bias Backlash: NY Times to Consoidate Sections

If like me you are frustrated that there seems to be no consequences for blatant media bias, then this story will be some welcome good news. Under the pressure of reduced revenue and circulation, the Times is scheduled to announce today that they are consolidating sections to reduce costs.
According to newsroom sources, the Metro Section is moving into the A-section and the Sports section will move into the Business section for some portion of the week.

The move is being made to save money on printing. According to one newsroom source, neither metro editor Joe Sexton nor sports editor Tom Jolly was "thrilled with the decision, but they understood."
The NY Times has remained arrogant in its bias. As I noted earlier, even CNN is acknowledging legitimate stories like the Ayers-Obama connection. The NYT covered it with a puff piece about how the two "just crossed paths". That lack of reporting might appeal to a portion of their audience but clearly some readers have been turned off and are canceling subscriptions.

Now that I think about it, if they removed the "opinions" section I might actually think about subscribing.

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